The 'stay in and make things' EP.

by Elly Kingdon

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released October 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Elly Kingdon Birmingham, Alabama

Music from my house in Birmingham.

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Track Name: I am not fun at all ever.
I've never been to a party and had a good time
never had a good time waiting 30 minutes to get served
feeling cramped in a small space
where people are touching me without my consent.
I would get so drunk that I couldn't see
I was vulnerable I was fucking lonely
but apparently it didn't matter
cause I wouldn't remember a thing in the morning.
Well, if that's a good time then don't call me
if that's a good time, it's something I don't need
I would rather stay in, talk with someone nice until the morning.
Maybe we could watch Let The Right One In
maybe we could do some crafting
it doesn't matter how it turns out
if you made it you should be really proud.
times are tough for dreamers
but we've gotta stay strong and find love
yeah times are tough for dreamers
but we've got stay strong and fall in love.
Track Name: Kermit is my best friend.
I said that i would write a song everyday for a week
but maybe ill just just keep writing until i have nothing to say
because I am really shy and music is the way I communicate
most the things that im feeling
I always sit in lectures alone
I find it hard to make conversation with people i don't know
sometimes university feels just the same as school
im always waiting for someone to scrawl my name on the wall
with an insult underneath it.
well i know that im older now but i still feel as ugly
as I did when I was 14
im still crying in the night and curling up
closing my eyes so tight so I cant let anyone in.
but maybe its time i let somebody in
you protected my heart but everything has to end, doesn't it?
I just wanna be able to love again
I watch The Muppets when I am sad
I put it on and wrap my duvet around me
watching it always makes me feel okay, just stop thinking for a little while
I wish Kermit could be my friend I think that would make things a little better
but being realistic is something I am trying to master.
Track Name: Slut shaming, friend zoning 'nice guys' (stay away from me).
I'm really glad you broke up with me
i'm really glad you dumped me on the phone
cause think where I would be if I was still with you now.
Cause I think that you were probably a raging sexist
you just hid it well for a little while
and I know that when we both played that show that night
you were jealous cause people clapped through my set
and they talked through yours .
I know the root of the problem here for you
was that I was a girl.
And you didn't think that I was as deserving of respect as you were.
Well I wont make that mistake again
I'll hold out for someone really great
I will never put up with macho bullshit
just because I am lonely.
You were a slut shaming friend zoning 'nice guy'
And i'm sure you laugh about how crazy I was
in the pub with all your friends
cause god forbid that as a female I believe I have a valid opinion
and I am entitled to express my emotions.
Anything other than telling you how great you were.
You were a slut shaming friend zoning 'nice guy'
I can't believe I ever gave you my time
You were a slut shaming friend zoning 'nice guy'.
Track Name: Friday night.
It's friday night
I'm home alone again
everyones going on dates or hanging out with their friends
I bet somebody is holding hands with somebody
they've been wanting to hold hands with for a while
I haven't held hands with anybody for a really long time.
and I know I have a tendency to push people away when I feel sad
and lately
I've been feeling sad everyday.
i'll sit in my room, maybe ill make some patches
try to be productive, try to shake this sadness
stoke on trent I feel really alone
I wish I had someone else to watch films with in my fort
who didn't think it was stupid that i still build forts.
My heart hurts all the time
I watched that episode of the office the one where Jim tells Pam he loves her, and I cried for at least 3 hours.